[arch-releng] [archiso] My archiso repo at github

Gerhard Brauer gerbra at archlinux.de
Tue Aug 25 10:58:59 EDT 2009

Hi, i setup a archiso repo at github
where i will push my patches. I hope i get better familiar with git ;-)

As Aaron and Dieter told me it's easier to pull commits from a repo into
the main git than with git-format-patch email attachments.

[Patch] Added vfat support to mount /dev/archiso
With this I was able to use our ISOs and unetbootin tool to bring the
image onto a already vfat formatted USB stick and boot from this.
This is way many user use to not have to blow their stick with our
recommend dd method. Using unetbootin method the user also have to
change archisolabel in unetbootin-bootmanager to the label of their USB
Restriction: The USB stick label should not have whitespaces in the
name. I tried it with: archisolabel=My\x20\Stick but with no success.
Instead a stick labeled with arch200908 works fine.

We should add these hints either in documentation or on a similar wiki
page for users which try to use the images other than the recommend way.
Some draft notes:
ISO -> burn on a high quality medium and with a slower speed (max 8x)
cause we use highly compressed data on the ISOs
USB/IMG -> only full supported method is using the: dd if=arch.img
of=/dev/sdX bs=1M method, which erases ALL data on the stick (cause the
partition table is overwritten).

UNetbootin -> your usb stick must have a label without white-spaces in
the label-name. This label you must supply as the archisolabel parameter
in bootloader.


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