[arch-releng] ISO branding (WAS: Things beyond 2009.01/02)

Gerhard Brauer gerbra at archlinux.de
Mon Feb 2 06:14:20 EST 2009

Am Mon, 2 Feb 2009 11:44:30 +0100
schrieb Gerhard Brauer <gerbra at archlinux.de>:

> We could try it - getting around 4 names in a year shouldn't be a big
> problem for us. Otherside this could probably be a good point were the
> users could come into game, they could make proposals about the next
> names.

And doing a little joking (I'm happy cause my new PC arrives tomorrow!):
To "honor" Debian a bit we could "name" our upcoming release
2009.01-½ (so we have the .01 even when releasing in .02)...
<SCNR> ;-)


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