[arch-releng] RC2 ISOs and final release

Dieter Plaetinck dieter at plaetinck.be
Wed Feb 11 15:18:51 EST 2009

gave i686 core a spin in Virtualbox 32 bit.
ext4 autoprepare
no problems encountered. my keyboard layout was not put automatically
in rc.conf but I think this has always been the case.
all bugs that i could test seem fixed.  see below


> * after boot:
> FS#13038 - Tiny typo in ISO boot message : Should be "Arch Linux Live
> ISO (vc/n)".

> FS#13140 - Official Installation documentation 
looks good

> for 64bit users:FS#13068 - grub-gfx-0.97-7 outdated in x86_64 
>  pacman -Qi grub-gfx. check that it's 0.97-11 or higher 
> * during installation
> FS#12949 - `hdparm -I' fails in VMware : check that the disk
> capacities look okay (afaik you can see this best in the autoprepare
> one). especially vmware users
looks good
> * after install / on first boot
> FS#12896 - USB install - won't boot into install system : USB users,
> check that it works
> FS#13102 - fix, need to copy initial /etc/localtime : check that this
> file exists on the target system and you don't get fscks because "last
> mount time was in the future" and stuff like that

forgot to check the copied file.. but the system booted and no fsck
needed.  my time is correct on first boot too.

> FS#13070 / 13057 - grub-gfx installed instead of default grub : check
> that you have the non-fancy grub

hooray good old ugly grub. (but i use 32bit)

> FS#13101 - simple fix to setup script writing timezone to rc.conf :
> check that your choosen timezone is in rc.conf (you can probably check
> this already during installation too)

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