[arch-releng] 2009.01 release plan

Gerhard Brauer gerbra at archlinux.de
Tue Jan 20 04:48:08 EST 2009


What's our plan?
I would like to release the 2009.01 ISO's latest this friday
(23.01.2009). If we could do it earlier - good. I see NO stoppers to
not do it.

- perhaps wents to core until friday, but i see no problem
  with this. Of course we should build the release ISO totally new
  (Thursday), we should not use Beta-ISO's.
- Or should we "freeze" core until the release is build/out? That could
  prevent us against some ugly, not tested things....
- When building the isolinux ISO's (we build ftp ISO's with isolinux
  bootloader, right?) the builder should be aware that these ISOs
  eventually overwrite already built iso's with grub. We have in the
  makefile no mechanism to name the iso-file name based on the selected
  bootloader! So the isolinux iso's must be named by the builder to
  separate them from those with grub!

I could myself help building the i686 iso's... and upload them to
archlinux.de or other location?

Again: i wan't 2009.01 released latest this friday. Do you (or the
Devs) see anything against this?


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