[arch-releng] 2009.08 alpha2

Dieter Plaetinck dieter at plaetinck.be
Thu Jul 23 08:16:55 EDT 2009

Hi all,

We fixed several issues since the previous alpha images.
To recapitulate, here is a list of all changes that this alpha (and the previous one) bring:

FS#13835 - following the output of a process is broken
FS#13700 - grub menu.lst updating is broken
FS#14573 - Grub + xfs filesystem 
FS#14089 - switch from unionfs to aufs2 
FS#13873 - Option to mount partition without formating
FS#14852 - AIF does not work with non-english locales
FS#14785 - Rankmirrors fails on archinstaller livecd (ftp i686 iso)
FS#14486 - AIF fails when loading remote procedure
FS#13838 - squashfs errors after completing automatic procedure.
FS#13752 - Make hwclock in UTC a "good idea" 
FS#12941 - The new ISO doesnt set the time right 
FS#13597 - alias km to 'aif -p partial-keymap' 
FS#13374 - local settings done by km not inserted in rc.conf
FS#15455 - No swap mount in fstab
FS#13180 - /arch/setup fails on bad input while auto-preparing the hard drive
FS#11373 - Automated Install (aif automatic procedure to replace quickinst) 
FS#13045 - add joe editor 
FS#12995 - vi shouldnt create backup files during installation
FS#12943 - Get automagical inclusion of time settings in rc.conf back
FS#12933 - tzselect in set_clock() ignores "local time" option
FS#12912 - make aif & arch-installer hier/fhs-compliant
FS#12378 - bad network autoconfig in /etc/rc.conf when network on eth1
FS#11657 - Installer could be more idiot proof when formatting partitions
FS#11416 - configure system: list of files and some things to do automatically

Other changes (not corresponding to any ticket)
- include all current packages from core (with the exception of grep and initscripts that are from testing to fix some bugs)
- /arch/setup calls aif -p interactive
- @manual network setup: more clever defaults in network config based on specified IP
- example config file for automatic procedure that installs an "lvm on
  top of dm_crypt" setup (see /usr/share/aif/examples)
- test suite. atm very rough and undocumented but with a bit of work
  it's a good way to do testing of automatic installs (see also
  http://dieter.plaetinck.be/AIF_automatic_lvm_dm_crypt_installations_and_test_suite )
  basically try this: aif-test runtime automatic-lvm-dmcrypt-install-sda
  (also, you'll need to install the latest aif package from git onto the target system to make the tests work)
- fix dead cancel buttons on some menu's
- http/ftp proxy fix
- and small stuff (clear screen on exit, better mountpoint picker,...)

This is the last alpha release, next images will be RC's.

Open issues for 2009.08-RC can be found here:

Please test carefully: as far as we know, there are no more showstoppers, just some small things.
There is some time pressure as we want to have the official release mid-august or earlier, and as it brings lots of new stuff, good testing is needed.

Things that require special attention:
- fancy setups (lvm, encryption, rollbacks). both autoprepare and interactive setting up
- having existing filesystems that you want to "reuse". try rollbacks and see what happens (i tested this myself and it should work. of course do this not a real important filesystem)
- do unusual things: try out cancel buttons and such.
- try the automatic installation procedure with the example configs

And the following tickets (should all be fixed but need testing):
FS#13237 - Copying manual network configuration to rc.conf
FS#15438 - [aif] pacman fails when using a static IP in interactive
FS#13196 - refactor timezone/date/time setting to behave correctly and use dialog

Thank you :)

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