[arch-releng] Archiso patch (FS#10831)

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Jul 24 20:43:36 EDT 2009

Gerhard Brauer schrieb:
> [PATCH] Label creation on ISO and USB images
> Base modification to enable boot device mounting on Label instead of mounting each blockdevice in archiso hook.
> Thomas would implement the needed modifications in the hook.
> We have then also to modify the grub/isolinux cmdline to parse the current LABEL into initrd.
> Gerhard

I have three patches (2 + one correction) ready for this change. It 
boots on qemu (virtualbox crashes for some reason) from CD, didn't try 
USB yet. I'll clean up and send the patches  tomorrow. This should make 
detection more reliable.

@Dieter: On another note, you should probably remove the intel modem 
drivers from the package list (intel-536ep, intel-537). Also add the 
intel 5150 firmware which is missing until now.

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