[arch-releng] intel modem drivers (WAS: Archiso patch (FS#10831))

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sat Jul 25 05:30:33 EDT 2009

Gerhard Brauer schrieb:
> Looking for firmware/driver, missing from pacman output are:
> core/b43-fwcutter (don't think this is usefull on LiveCD)

As long as it's in core, I don't mind.

> core/iwlwifi-5150-ucode (This should be added)

Yes. It only supports very few cards, but still.

> extra/madwifi (IMHO not absolute needed anymore and it could collide
> with kernel atheros module)

No. Don't add it, it will only conflict with ath5k or ath9k. It is in 
extra if someone really wants it.

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