[arch-releng] 2009.08-beta1

Gerhard Brauer gerbra at archlinux.de
Thu Jul 30 03:50:59 EDT 2009


we build a new set of ISOs/USB-images for testing by YOU.
This is the last set before the RC (and hopefully the Final).

Main changes:
*	New method to detect the boot device with the install medium
	during boot. This will made the usbdelay parameter obsolete.
	We also have not not mount each blockdevice to detect the
	install medium. (Thanks again, Thomas(brain0))
*       Grub bootloader setup is refactored so it works with soft raid
*       Automatic generation of HOOKS in mkinitcpio.conf and correct lines in menu.lst
        for fancy setups (lvm and dm_crypt, and both)

2009.08-beta1 could be downloaded and tested from here:

2009.08-beta1 should fix following reports:
FS#15438 - [aif] pacman fails when using a static IP in interactive
FS#13610 - Installing from USB flash drive stalls.
FS#15725 - _dia_ask_number() & _cli_ask_number() call show_warning with
           one arg. 
FS#13237 - Copying manual network configuration to rc.conf
FS#15679 - tell user about editing HOOKS in rc.conf and grub kernel line
           if using dm_crypt
FS#15652 - grub install fail on raid1 software raid 
FS#13079 - USB images - why did we need usbdelay? 
FS#13053 - Do not mount all filesystem while looking for the ArchISO
FS#10831 - 2008.06-USB boot parameter to specify root directory
FS#14587 - Rename FTP install to WEB/NET install 

And some small fixes and patches that have no corresponding tickets
(thanks Matthias Dienstbier!)

Open issues for 2009.08-RC can be found here:

Final ToDo things before Release:
* pending tickets
* Documentation
  To document the necessary modifications in "Official Installation Guide"
  during switch to AIF.
  See: http://www.archlinux.org/pipermail/arch-releng/2009-July/000568.html 

Regards and happy testing
	Archlinux Releng Team

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