[arch-releng] building 2.6.30 iso's

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sun Jun 14 18:11:03 EDT 2009

Dieter Plaetinck schrieb:
> When I "sniff" (replace /usr/bin/pacman with a script that calls the
> real pacman and logs the exact invocation to a file) the last pacman
> invocation, it seems to be this:
> pacman -Sp core/acl core/attr core/autoconf core/automake
> core/b43-fwcutter core/bash core/bin86 core/binutils core/bison
> core/bridge-utils core/bzip2 core/ca-certificates core/cloog-ppl
> core/coreutils core/cpio core/cracklib core/crda core/cryptsetup
> core/dash core/db core/dbus-core core/dcron core/device-mapper
> core/dhcpcd core/dialog core/diffutils core/dmapi core/dmraid
> core/dnsutils core/e2fsprogs core/ed core/eventlog core/expat
> core/fakeroot core/file core/filesystem core/findutils core/flex
> core/gawk core/gcc core/gcc-libs core/gdbm core/gen-init-cpio
> core/gettext core/glib2 core/glibc core/gmp core/gpm core/grep
> core/groff core/grub core/gzip core/hdparm core/heimdal core/ifenslave
> core/inetutils core/initscripts core/iproute2 core/iptables
> core/iputils core/ipw2100-fw core/ipw2200-fw core/isdn4k-utils core/iw
> core/iwlwifi-3945-ucode core/iwlwifi-4965-ucode core/iwlwifi-5000-ucode
> core/iwlwifi-5150-ucode core/jfsutils core/kbd core/kernel-headers
> core/kernel26 core/kernel26-firmware core/klibc core/klibc-extras
> core/klibc-kbd core/klibc-module-init-tools core/klibc-udev core/less
> core/libarchive core/libdownload core/libelf core/libevent
> core/libgcrypt core/libgpg-error core/libldap core/libnl core/libpcap
> core/libsasl core/libtool core/libusb core/licenses core/lilo
> core/links core/linux-atm core/logrotate core/lvm2 core/lzo2 core/m4
> core/madwifi core/madwifi-utils core/mailx core/make core/man-db
> core/man-pages core/mdadm core/mkinitcpio core/mlocate
> core/module-init-tools core/mpfr core/nano core/ncurses
> core/ndiswrapper core/ndiswrapper-utils core/net-tools core/netcfg
> core/nfs-utils core/nfsidmap core/openssh core/openssl core/openswan
> core/openvpn core/pacman core/pacman-mirrorlist core/pam core/patch
> core/pciutils core/pcmciautils core/pcre core/perl core/pkgconfig
> core/popt core/portmap core/ppl core/ppp core/pptpclient core/procinfo
> core/procps core/psmisc core/readline core/reiserfsprogs core/rp-pppoe
> core/rt2500 core/rt2x00-rt61-fw core/rt2x00-rt71w-fw core/run-parts
> core/sdparm core/sed core/shadow core/sqlite3 core/sudo core/sysfsutils
> core/syslog-ng core/sysvinit core/tar core/tcp_wrappers core/texinfo
> core/tiacx core/tiacx-firmware core/tzdata core/udev core/usbutils
> core/util-linux-ng core/vi core/vpnc core/wget core/which
> core/wireless-regdb core/wireless_tools core/wlan-ng26-utils
> core/wpa_supplicant core/xfsprogs core/xinetd core/xz-utils
> core/zd1211-firmware core/zlib
> And when i run this manually i get:
> dieter at dieter-ws-a7n8x-arch install-iso [master] eval sudo
> `cat /home/dieter/paclog` Password: 
> resolving dependencies...
> error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
> :: nvidia-173xx: requires kernel26>=2.6.30
> This looks weird to me.  There is no nvidia stuff in packages.list, nor
> in the paclog file.  Besides I am running 2.6.30 already ?!

You're not running this test in the chroot. And you explicitly pull 
core/kernel26, so it tries to install 2.6.29 which conflicts with your 
locally installed nvidia-173xx. This does not reproduce the original 
error. I don't know what that one means either.

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