[arch-releng] A question regarding the rewrite of the installer and other things...

Keith Hinton keithint1234 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 22:15:30 EDT 2009

I've really enjoied the current Arch setup. I've only started using
the Arch CDs in the last few weeks due to Chris Brannon's efforts to
produce an accessible talking boot iso for those who are blind or
visually impaired like myself.
This is largely what has been driving me away from Arch CDs.
First, I had a suggestion for the release-engineering project.
Accessibility is extremely chriticle for users that are completely
blind. I know that Chris and Arron have been in discussion about
producing accessible Arch Isos before (his Isos are just remastered
iso images containing several extra packages) like Alsa-utils.
Speakup, (a Linux screen access program that provides the possibility
of speech-output, for the console, of course, and a few others.
Has anyone in the Arch-release project taken a close look at this stuff?

What is Aif exactly?
The other question is, what is wrong with the current installation process?
And for the final question, (I know bugs are fixed in your latest
media) but what happens if you can't aford to purchase Cds all the
time etc to burn Isos too? If you're just going to use the FTP iso,
(not the core) is it necessary to still obtain latest media? I'm
curious if there are any severe consequences for not doing this in
particular? I assume that there must be, otherwise you wouldn't have
mentioned grabbing this stuff in the official and beginner guides for
the Arch installation process.
I'm simply an Arch Linux user, I'm no developer, but thought I'd be
free to at least ask my questions. Thanks much!
Regards, --Keith

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