[arch-releng] Last review of 14 patches before push to master.

Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi vmlinuz386 at yahoo.com.ar
Wed Dec 8 04:10:51 CET 2010

To avoid too many mails, I simply sent this one with summary.

I now have access to archiso.git, any issues in pushing these changes?

I done some test and all works:
* build i686 and x86_64 iso.
* build dual iso.
* boot i686 and x86_64 (all syslinux options works)
* boot dual (all syslinux options works, and also autodetection)
* boot with newer options for loop support (with and without copytoram)
* all tests done with default install_dir "/arch" and under random name 
* also just for see image size I build images with sqfs compressed with 
lzma, of course this does not boot at this moment.

core-dual look like: http://djgera.pastebin.com/vYMCuM6w
core-i686 look like: http://djgera.pastebin.com/5puDe02m

As you can see now both single and dual, share the same directory scheme.


7e1d2fd [syslinux-iso] Add support to squashfs compression types.
7e18035 [archiso2dual] Autodetect whether we can boot x86_64
8f6a6ab Unify scheme of sed replacements.
8bdf43e [archiso] Add support to mount iso in loopback mode.
85e3798 [syslinux-cfg] Remove joe from packages.*
ed2e27e [archiso2dual] Adapt to new dir scheme of source 
f7d5cbb [syslinux-iso] Unify dir scheme with -dual images
d34f2c6 [archiso] Place *.sqfs images in /${install_dir}/${arch}/
3d46d7e [archiso2dual] Adjust to work with new dir scheme
aae85f4 [syslinux-cfg] Adjust to work with new -D option of mkarchiso
c186a20 [archiso] Add -D <install_dir> option to mkarchiso
f139527 [archiso2dual] Modify behaviour of -S parameter
af66220 [archiso2dual] Add support for squashfs compression types
487436b [archiso] Add support for squashfs compression types


Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi
\cos^2\alpha + \sin^2\alpha = 1

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