[arch-releng] automated iso builds

Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi vmlinuz386 at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Feb 9 16:50:00 EST 2010

On 02/09/2010 06:28 PM, Dieter Plaetinck wrote:
> so i blew the dust of our releng chroots, updated them, installed
> latest archiso from git and so on.
> i built this experimental isolinux image (with testing repo enabled!),
> basically to see if everything still works.
> http://build.archlinux.org/isos/archlinux-2010.02.09-netinstall-i686.iso
> through incremental updates, continuous integration and crowd-sourced
> testing i want to set up automated builds and host all media in the
> cloud.  (if you know what i mean ;-)
> btw: the image sort of boots, but it can't find /dev/archiso.
> /me off. to be continued.
> Dieter
Good!, the only problem for doing automatic builds is that in _random_ 
cases squashfs image of "overlay" is created corrupted (from the same 
data) :(
I experimented this many times, and the way to test if all is good is: 
or doing a boot, or mounting the squashfs image on read some files.
I can remember that also tested if the problem persiste with mksquashfs 
-processors 1 but the problem still persist.

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