[arch-releng] dual arch CDs [was: A TODO draft for next installation media]

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Thu Feb 18 14:14:25 EST 2010

Am 18.02.2010 18:58, schrieb Aaron Griffin:
>> Either way, this approach should be more space efficient then Aarons
>> proposal, right?
> Well... there's always the option of changing the kernel, but only use
> the 32bit userspace. I mean, all we really want is the installed
> system to vary, not the live one.

I somehow dislike the idea. However, there's no technical reason not to
do it:

1) 32 Bit pacman can install 64 Bit packages.
2) All post_install is done in chrooted with the 64 Bit userspace.
3) It also works as a rescue CD, as chrooting into a 64 Bit environment
is always possible as long as a 64 Bit kernel is running.

We could/should even make it possible to select (if a 64 Bit kernel was
booted, which can be checked with uname -m) if we want to install a 32
or 64 Bit target system (we would have to generate the pacman config on
the fly, should be easy).

That would leave us with:
- kernel x86_64
- initrd x86_64
- kernel i686
- initrd i686
- packages core-any
- packages core-i686
- packages core-x86_64
- squashfs base system i686
- maybe overlay-any

So we save squashfs base system x86_64.

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