[arch-releng] archiso2: rewrite of archiso-live for linux-live to be in initramfs

Christopher Rogers slaxemulator at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 03:00:44 EDT 2010

I made a rewrite of archiso2 so that linux-live scripts are in initramfs.
The method i use is make /new_root mounted under tmpfs and then copy the
initramfs files into /new_root. Outsite of some 10 lines of code need for
linuxrc script to work everything works like it should on the livecd.

Need to added find and tr to busybox.
Features in archiso2:
* Modular support without isomounts.
* findiso boot option for people with gurb2
* most of slax support is there like changes boot option works
* cdname boot option is so you can change the LIVECDNAME variable in
liblinuxlive (helps in making custom livecd to have different data folder
* modpath boot option to bind mount folder from hard drive to your livecd to
load external modules from other disks
* baseonly boot option so you just use modules in the base folder

In profile
* remove crap in livecd modules with list/remove file
* remove some locale in list/rmlocale
* move stuff from base modules to a module (a.099.modmove) in modules folder

archiso2 archiso-live branch:
archiso2 wiki:

official archiso is in master branch.

I hope this helps everyone with development on archiso.

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