[arch-releng] Status report about building archiso images today

Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi vmlinuz386 at yahoo.com.ar
Wed Jul 14 15:28:12 EDT 2010

--- El mié 14-jul-10, Thomas Bächler <thomas at archlinux.org> escribió:

> De: Thomas Bächler <thomas at archlinux.org>
> Am 14.07.2010 03:11, schrieb Gerardo
> Exequiel Pozzi:
> > Since new initscripts and mkinitcpio are in [core] new
> images can be
> > build without doing "git/overlay hacks".
> What kind of hacks are you talking about exactly?

* build packages from git and adding a custom repo
* or install directly from git
* or write modified files to overlay (ex: rc.sysinit)

> > {*} There is a bug in qemu-kvm that ide-cdrom (default
> used) does not
> > work propertly, use instead and scsi-cdrom. [#1]
> Are you sure that this only affects the qemu cdrom?
> Shouldn't we provide
> a simple workaround that catches all CD drives, no matter
> what kind of
> weird bugs there might be?

This is a bug in qemu-kvm ide cdrom drive implementation, does not implement or does not work the command "READ DISC INFORMATION".

As workaround just boot on qemu as scsi cd-rom that works better than ide implementation. (I guess that adding a workaround in archiso should be in case of real machine where there is no choice)

> > {****} -T basic is how official dual media (2010.05)
> is build. Now this
> > image size is 705MB, a bit larger for CD-ROMs. I guess
> for next official
> > media -T split should be used (currently 637MB).
> Can you summarize what exactly -T split does?


-T basic: join both .iso keeping .sqfs intact.
-T split: join both .iso modifiying .sqfs with the follow rules:

* usrshare.sqfs (any) is build from i686 root-image.sqfs [this can be done since /usr/share for both archs is the same]
* libmodules.sqfs (for each arch) is build from root-image.sqfs (respectively) [useful for boot 64Krnl/32User]
* /usr/share and /lib/modudes are removed from both root-images.sqfs
* core-any-pkg.sqfs (any) is build from i686 core-pkgs.sqfs.
* *any* packages are removed from both core-pkgs.sqfs

-T full: join both .iso doing all work in "split", but also removes specified files (listed on a file) from root-image.sqfs.

> Also, there is the overlay: We used to have a separate
> overlay for each
> architecture, is that still necessary? If we add
> "Architecture = auto"
> to pacman.conf and use $arch in mirrorlist (is that already
> done?), it
> seems we can use the same overlay for both architectures.

Yes, anyway overlay.sqfs is 8192 bytes :P

PS: sorry for email format I am out from my home. Sent via webmail, running under custom archiso with KDE with all "chiches" (toys) :P


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