[arch-releng] [arch-general] [patch] AIF, discover repos on iso.

Dieter Plaetinck dieter at plaetinck.be
Fri Mar 5 17:38:24 EST 2010

On Fri, 19 Feb 2010 22:26:54 +0100 (CET)
Mark Pustjens <pustjens at dds.nl> wrote:

> Hi List,
> The attached patch fixes a TODO in lib-pacman of aif.
> Instead of hardcoding that `core' is always available locally and
> falling back to net for others, it now checks /src/ for repos.
> It assumes repos are stored at /src/$repo/pkg/. All these repos are
> added as cache dirs.
> While preparing pacman, a number of repo names are provided to be 
> prepared.
> All those repos which were requested are added as actual repo. If
> this repo is available locally, the url points to disk. Otherwise it
> falls back to the mirrorlist.
> Please let me know what you think.
> Greetings/Groetjes
> Mark Pustjens

it looks pretty good. i like how you automatically add the right
However, when adding repositories to the pacman config,
* i would not do "Server = file:///src/${repo}/pkg" just
  because /src/repo/pkg exists.  what if the user has an outdated core
  image and wants to do a netinstall? he might have explicitly
  configured a mirror (SYNC_URL), but it would get ignored like this.
* in prefill_configs(), we only add an entry to the mirrorlist when
  [ "$var_PKG_SOURCE_TYPE" = "net" -a -n "${var_SYNC_URL}" ]
  i.e. with the following config:
nothing is added to $var_MIRRORLIST
which is probably a good thing because we don't want
`file:///src/core/pkg`-eqsue urls on the target system.
Since you point to $var_MIRRORLIST instead of $serverurl for repo's which are not
available in /src/ at all, this means they must be configured as
netinstall.  So if the user wants a netinstall, it's his own
reponsability to fill in SYNC_URL correctly.
however, this also implies if he wants to mount a custom package
repository, he _must_ do it under /src/<reponame>, not any other dir.
otherwise the code won't see it and use $var_MIRRORLIST which may
contain a mirror not containing <reponame>, or even nothing at all.

basically, the way i see it is this:
- setting cachedirs for repos in /src never hurts
- SYNC_URL set and netinstall: use $var_MIRRORLIST for all requested
  repo's, even if they are in /src
- netinstall but -z $SYNC_URL: same as above, it's the users
  responsability to set SYNC_URL
- cd install and FILE_URL not set: check if the repo is in /src, if so
  add it. if not, don't add it to pacman.conf at all
- cd install and FILE_URL set: same as above but try to use FILE_URL
  first (*).

I've also been thinking if things should not be more configurable then
this. (for example, user wants to use core in /src, but extra from
SYNC_URL (**)), but per-repository settings seem more complicated so I
hope they are not needed. Actually, since we only support "updating all
packages simultaneously only" anyway, the per-repo configurability
might be to be avoided by definition.

I hope you understand what i mean. i put some thought into this and
it's getting late, so .. let me know.
and if you want to update your patch, it would be much more convenient
if you could host a git clone somewhere i could pull from.


(*): we should probably only let the user specify /src himself and
add /$repo/pkg ourself in the automatic procedure. as the '/pkg' part
probably never changes?? otherwise the user must specify something like
'/src/$repo/pkg' and we replace $repo.
(**): if you think wanting to use any other repo then core is an
overcomplication and you can install extra packages after rebooting,
don't forget about automatic installations where you want to install
all needed packages at once.

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