[arch-releng] Help with hybrid ISOs and making extra partitions

Jim Pryor lists+arch-releng at jimpryor.net
Mon Mar 22 16:26:50 CET 2010

Hi, I've been reading up on recent changes in archiso. I'm using the
latest archiso-git pull, which currently seems identical to

My aim is to make a custom ISO I can dd to my USB key, and then add another
partition to the USB key.

If I understand what I've read, earlier we were using the "offset=1"
argument to isohybrid, together with labeling all the partitions on the
USB key (would any label do?), and the archiso_early hook.

But now it's been decided it's better to use the default "offset=0",
meaning the archiso_early hook is no longer needed, and it's no longer
possible to label partitions on the USB key, because there's no real
partition table.

Is that basically right?

Observation: the archiso2dual script still uses "isohybrid offset=1
...". Should this be changed to just "isohybrid ..."

Question: how now do I add extra partitions to my USB key? gparted
chokes because there's no partition table. I think cfdisk fails too. Do
I have to use fdisk? sfdisk? parted? Can someone point me to a good
resource for figuring out what arguments to supply these programs, when
all I want to do is create a FAT32 (i.e type 0x0b) partition using all
the free space at the end of the device?


Jim Pryor
profjim at jimpryor.net

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