[arch-releng] Iso tests

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 10:48:22 EDT 2011

It's live, here is the direct link:

Things I'm allowed to say after sinking significant time into this yesterday.
* Never ever rename an application halfway through again and then
commit significant change after. That make for a rebase/rework hell,
as the name rtf was a total no-go in my mind.
* I squashed a lot of stuff together, and reworked a lot of commits.
* Follow the style, please- all of your html was different indentation
than our existing templates (2 vs. 4 spaces). I redid all of this.
* There was no prose anywhere. I added a bunch, patches welcome if it is wrong.
* If you have duplicate code in a Django template, you are doing it
wrong. I'm still not totally happy with what I came up with to fix
this due to the rollback vs. non-rollback stuff, but see this, noting
the add/delete count:
* If I can fuzz generated URLs and get the webapp to throw a 500, that
is no good- I get emails for all of those. You need to be a lot more
careful in sanity checking those things and returning 404s in most
cases. http://projects.archlinux.org/archweb.git/diff/isotests/views.py?id=1ff9c0fc5
* You totally misunderstood my comments regarding use of "pass"- I
didn't say don't use it, I said please don't do a one-line class. So I
reverted all of that backout.

I'm sure this will see some more work once we get actual results.


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