[arch-releng] updates to releng scripts for new dm_snapshot archiso

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Aug 5 09:54:06 EDT 2011

Am 05.08.2011 15:35, schrieb Dieter Plaetinck:
>> do you check how look (size, md5) libui pkg copied/downloaded
>> compared with the "original" in local repo?
> No, but if I try enough, sometimes it works. (this
> is also why even before the dm-snapshot merge into archiso, the iso
> builds were about every 5-8 days.  the crontab is daily but it fails
> often, and only sometimes it works)

This must be something with the VMWare storage. Btw, I rebooted the
machine last night, hoped it might help (major kernel upgrade).

Does this always happen with the same package? Or different ones? Can we
have pacman auto-retry the download a few times?

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