[arch-releng] archiso / aif log

Dieter Plaetinck dieter at plaetinck.be
Sun Aug 14 18:34:14 EDT 2011

In preparation for the new release, I went over git logs since 2010.05 and jotted down what seems to me is important.
I will put this list in the news announcement, so suggestions welcome.

Archiso (image builds):

* TODO fill in: snapshot of current core, including kernel 3., pacman-3 and glibc.
* Big overhaul: use dm-snapshot instead of aufs2
* Consolidate image building, use single build.sh script which also does dual-arch images.
* Allow changing NBD export name
* Allow using serial console with console kernel parameter.
* Allow starting custom script with script kernel parameter, autologin tty1.
* Add support to mount iso in loopback mode
* Add new menu entry "Power off"
* Add rsync,hdparm,dhclient,crda, wpa_actiond, netcf, curl, nilfs-utils, btrfs-progs-unstable to live-enviroment
* Remove joe from packagelist.
* Remove x86test, add HDT to initial syslinux menu
* Add support for booting from memdisk
* Various cleanups, improvements and bugfixes.

AIF (installation tool):
* experimental support for btrfs and nilfs2.
* support syslinux next to grub.
* changes to configuration formats to support new rc.conf and linux3.0
* make selecting source more flexible (multiple local and/or remote repos)
* remove joe
* show package descriptions when installing packages
* run with debugging and logging enabled by default, add /arch/report-issues script
* make automatic profiles switch source depending on whether core or netinstall system is running
* remove support for tcp_wrappers in accordance to Arch Linux policy
* change develop model: primary development goes on in (rewritable) develop branch, master == stable.
* various code cleanups, improvements and bugfixes.

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