[arch-releng] [PATCH] [syslinux-iso] Add automated_script support

Charles Vejnar ce at vejnar.org
Thu Feb 3 11:45:55 EST 2011


Sorry for the delay.

> - it checks if the kernel has a "script" argument (as given by the
>   bootloader - never in the official builds -
You mean this option we are working on won't be usable with the next official 
build ?!

> > Ideally, I think the script would set up auto login as root, and then put 
the aif invocation in /root/.bash_profile, or something like that.
> > But it's probably too late to set up auto login as root, because that 
needs to be done by modifying /etc/inittab, but init is already running...
> This sound much better, running from /root/.bash_profile. Or just having 
> a modified inittab that runs agetty with automatic login.
Well in my opinion, automatic login should be always activated or not at all. 

The patch I proposed is designed for automatic install and is working for this 
purpose. But if you want to introduce root autologin, and put something in 
.bash_profile to autostart a manual or a automatic install, it is a good idea 
and not only for the case of an automatic install.

I would really appreciate to be able to use this script option without 
modifying the iso. In my opinion, always activated auto-login would be great.

Should I propose patches ?

> I guess we/Charles will just need to try a few approaches and see what works 
Yes, sure. No problem.


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