[arch-releng] Syslinux Patches - Review

pyther at pyther.net pyther at pyther.net
Sun Feb 20 23:09:34 EST 2011

Here are the Syslinux patches that I have been working on for the last month
or so.

 * Update Documentation accordingly

The syslinux installation process relies on a script I wrote,
syslinux-install_update, which will be included in the Syslinux arch package.

Thomas is going to try to push a new syslinux package, with the script, to
testing in the coming days. If there are no problems the package, then it will
be moved to core.

# Patch 3 - Prompt user to pick a bootloader in interactive_select_packages

As per my discussion with Dieter, we now ask the user what bootloader they
want to use during package selection. We then select the appropriate package
for installation. The bootloader that the user picked gets stored in a
variable (bootloader) and referenced at "Install Bootloader" where it triggers
either interactive_grub or interactive_syslinux. Without this new
functionality, if the user did not manually select a bootloader in "Select
Packages" they would have to go back, select a bootloader, reinstall the
packages, etc...

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