[arch-releng] [PATCH 0/1] *** Call target_configure_network instead of worker_auto_netwok ***

Dieter Plaetinck dieter at plaetinck.be
Sun Jan 2 12:41:38 EST 2011

On Sun,  2 Jan 2011 12:01:36 -0500
pyther at pyther.net wrote:

> *** Call target_configure_network instead of worker_auto_network. We
> may want to notify or allow the user to edit /etc/profile.d/proxy.sh
> since target_configure_network will edit the file if proxy setting
> were used. 

as discussed on IRC:
preconfigure_target() calls a whole bunch of target_configure*
functions directly, the main reason network config is a worker, is
because that's how it grew historically while porting from
old /arch/setup script.   but it doesn't need to be a worker.

Your patch removes the question to the user whether
he wants to export these settings or not, but I think it's fine to skip
that, because people who wouldn't want this behaviour are rare (?), and
either way it's easy to undo.

the only thing needed is to add /etc/profile.d/proxy.sh in the list of
files, when appropriate.

> Calling worker_auto_network during worker_configure_system
> caused worker_configure_system to never have a return code set. Also
> worker_auto_network has been removed since no function will call
> it.

this is a completely different problem, and I believe this fixes it:

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