[arch-releng] [testiso 2011.01.24] test experience

Thomas Dziedzic gostrc at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 23:54:41 EST 2011

Hey there, tested another install iso:

source: netinstall in virtualbox using eth0 with dhcp

mirror: http://mirrors.kernel.org/

editor: vi

time: chicago, with utc hwclock

partitions: /boot 200mb; swap 200mb; / rest

filesystems: /boot ext2; swap swap; / ext4

package selection: default base group with sudo

installation: failed to download grub, didn't move on, retried
selecting install, only had to grab the package that failed to
download. Everything continued as expected. NICE!

configs: left them vanilla except changing the hostname

package selection still suffers from
https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/22428 FS#22428 - [test iso 2011.01.09]
aif package selection should be sorted more naturally.

I didn't try btrfs so I can't comment on FS#22427 - [test iso
2011.01.09] aif fails to ask for mountpoint when creating btrfs

Overall this installation went without a hitch and I would say that
this iso is ready for an audience who doesn't use btrfs. The only
usability annoyance I encountered was again, FS#22428 which made it
rather difficult to find something like sudo.

Thanks for the great work to Dieter and everyone involved! Hope this
feedback helps you guys.

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