[arch-releng] ArchWiki: merge Official and Beginners' Guides? (or change titles)

Dario Giovannetti dariogiova at alice.it
Wed Jun 15 14:55:26 EDT 2011

Il 15/06/2011 13:19, Heiko Baums ha scritto:
> The "Beginner's Guide" could be official, too.

First of all I'd like to clarify that my original idea was not to have 
the releng team officially maintain the unified guide. I was thinking of 
keeping the official guide only in git, and having only a 
wiki-maintained, more-detailed guide (the current beginners') in the 
wiki: this guide should be (and already is) based on the official guide, 
which in turn should be linked from the guide in the wiki itself.

> I see that the "Official Install Guide" shouldn't be edited by any
> user. But the "Beginner's Guide" could be closed for user commits, too,
> even if I doubt that this would be that helpful.
I would strongly oppose on protecting the Beginners' Guide: if it's that 
much detailed and clear it's because many normal users have contributed 
freely to improving it over time. Let's not forget that as there are 
many people editing it, there are also many who constantly check that 
it's not vandalized or wrong content is added. Let's trust the community.

Il 15/06/2011 12:26, Dieter Plaetinck ha scritto:
> what do you mean? AFAIK it completely reflects the current state of
> affairs (i.e. it's accurate for the latest official media), and if this
> is not so, you should report this (and/or send a patch). It could be
> expanded though (read on)
> Sometimes I do changes to the guide but if the media are not official
> yet, I wait with updating the wikipage until the new media are official.
The rc.conf section is the main example of the outdating of the official 
guide, especially for people installing from the net install image, who 
get an up-to-date initscripts package, among the others.
> this won't work, for the reasons described above.
A link to the guide in git won't work? The reasons you described don't 
really explain why, and I don't see so many problems in creating a link.


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