[arch-releng] [PATCH] Provide Syslinux as a possible bootloader

Matthew Gyurgyik pyther at pyther.net
Sun Mar 6 09:56:55 EST 2011

On 03/06/2011 04:49 AM, Dieter Plaetinck wrote:
> I applied all your other patches,
> but this one does not apply.
> I suggest you create a remote tracking develop branch and allways rebase on top of it (instead of merging)
> Dieter
Thanks for the advice. I forgot to apply my own patch "Return non-zero 
return code for generate_grub_menulst" to my syslinux branch therefore 
the patch I generated failed.

I fixed this, applied my patch against my local develop branch, and 
generate a new patch using git format-patch origin/develop. I sent the 
new one to the list.


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