[arch-releng] Iso tests

Tom Willemsen tom.willemsen at archlinux.us
Thu Mar 10 04:43:47 EST 2011

Hello people of arch-releng,

A while ago Dieter asked if someone could write him a (relatively)
simple web-app to get a better view of the state of the auto-generated
isos. I tried that and have now come up with something to look at.
He asked me to send a mail to this list so we could have a look at it in
public, so here it is. It's hosted at:

I just branched the archlinux website, since Dieter said he might want
it to be a part of it, and it's written in django anyway so it's fairly
easy to rip it out and place it in a new project.
My code is in the testsresults branch in the afore mentioned repo, to
set it up just follow the instructions in the archweb README, I added
some fixtures so that things like bootloaders don't have to be entered
manually by everyone.
The /isotests/ page shows the results that have been entered so far, I
tried sticking closely to what Dieter requested. The /isotests/add/ page
allows you to add a new result.

I would have liked to put the app in a repo of its own, but I didn't
find how I can make the templates load from the app/templates directory,
so I moved on to this idea.

I don't have a lot of experience with django, so I could be doing some
things in a very silly way, I haven't cleaned up the code I've written
at all (I should probably do that soon, I'll get on it tonight), but I
hope that this is at least an ok starting point.

I hope I exlpained everything enough, if there's anything I still need
to do, fix or change just let me know and I'll get on it as soon as I


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