[arch-releng] [PATCH 2/3] [archiso] Add archiso_pxe_curl hook

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Wed Nov 23 15:02:55 EST 2011

Am 23.11.2011 01:00, schrieb Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi:
> Its add support for downloading the ISO image via HTTP/FTP with curl or download *.sfs files.
> The files are downloaded on /run/archiso/curlspace (tmpfs) and setup a loop dev from it
> (like in archiso_loop_mnt) in the ISO case, or just do a bind mount to
> /run/archiso/bootmnt in the other case.
> This hook must be located after archiso_pxe_nbd in mkinitcpio.conf, in that way
> NBD is the default.

This is extremely useful. Can we get a resolver into initramfs, so we
can use URLs instead of IPs? Can we also have an extracted version of
the netinstall-dual image on releng, instead of only the ISO?

We can use this in the following way: Either load gpxelinux via network
boot, or boot gpxe from floppy/USB/CD/hard drive/a "kernel" image. Then,
fetch syslinux configuration file and .c32 files via http. The
configuration file can contain a menu that allows to choose an
architecture and a mirror, allowing to boot the kernel and initrd via
http or ftp, then using the archiso_pxe_curl hook to download and mount
the .sfs files.

Also: when can we get an image on releng that contains this hook?

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