[arch-releng] [RFC] [PATCH] [archiso] README: add: alternative boot methods

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Thu Apr 19 04:44:22 EDT 2012

Typos, typos.

Am 18.04.2012 22:04, schrieb Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi:
> +All ISOs are ready to act as PXE server, some manual steps are needed
> +to setup desired PXE boot mode.
> +Alternativelly is possible to use an already PXE server following the same logic.

"Alternatively, it is possible to use an existing PXE server ..."
            ^   ^^                       ^^^^^^^^

> +Once kernel is started from PXE, SquashFS files and other misc files

"Once the kernel ..."

> +inside "arch" directory must be loaded (second stage). One of the follow

"One of the following ...."

> +methods can be used to serve the rest of live-medium.

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