[arch-releng] [PATCH 2/2] [configs/releng] Remove AIF

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sat Jul 14 14:12:44 EDT 2012

Am 14.07.2012 19:50, schrieb Pierre Schmitz:
> Am 14.07.2012 17:08, schrieb Thomas Bächler:
>> Am 14.07.2012 16:50, schrieb Pierre Schmitz:
>>> Compare to the patch I sent earlier:
>>> https://github.com/pierres/archiso/commit/c4a4e195ea4590f63a8fbe4ef76314579b5d430f
>>> That hook and km should be removed as well.
>> Overlooked the hook.
>> But why remove 'km'? It can be really hard to type the correct
>> 'loadkeys' command on US layout for some people. Typing 'km' is easier.
> km just calls aif. If we want to keep it it'll be best to just create
> it at a simple script.

Oh. Since I removed AIF, km stopped working. Good point.

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