[arch-releng] [arch-dev-public] draft for new isos

Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi vmlinuz386 at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Jul 17 17:50:11 EDT 2012

On 07/17/2012 06:41 PM, Pierre Schmitz wrote:
> Hi,
> we really need to write a news istem about new isos etc.. Here are some
> points we should mention:
> * removed aif for now
> * looking for aif contributors and/or maintainer (need to ask Dieter if
> he likes to guide applicants or never wants to toch aif again -))
> * new arch install scripts
> * keyring is initialized on bootup; signature verification is enabled
> by default. keyring is copied to target system in pacstrap
> * need community help with documentation
> * only one single iso (for both arches, no core repo included)
> * regular (can we agree on monthly here?) releases
> * we should mention that the iso itself is signed and that it really
> should be verified
> Anything I missed? Would anybody like to write up some actual text? :-)
> Greetings,
> Pierre
** This is a list of end-user visible features/fixes since 2011.08.19 
from "archiso side".

* COW persistent: COW files can be stored in any place (see cow_*= boot 
* New boot parm img_label= for ISO loopback boot method
* /bootmnt is now at /run/archiso/bootmnt
* Network boot (PXE) via HTTP and NFS with DNS support from initramfs
* Syslinux menu for selecting boot method (HTTP/NFS/NBD) when PXE is used
* Setting up a PXE from live-enviroment is now trivially since syslinux 
* KMS modules added to initramfs
* checksum= option is performed only for SquashFS images
* EFI boot support on CD-ROM via "El Torito" (very basic and trivial but 
   Instructions provided to make an "USB-key" EFI-ready from ISO, is 
documented on README.
* README update with much more documentation.

* ISO loopback boot method (no more earlymodules=loop workaround needed)
* Serial console not enabled in dual-isos at syslinux.
* Updated needed parts to match current packages changes.

** From dev-user (who want to build ISOs yourself), there are lots of 
interesting changes and fixes
    see the git log for details since commit 

Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi
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