[arch-releng] How to add/create $User within AIF

Richard N bsdsolarux at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 09:32:23 EST 2012

We need the ability to create a new User within AIF procedures:

Is there a method to add/create a new User (with a /home dir, ...) within
an AIF install, so that upon completion, and reboot, of a successful AIF,
the new user is properly
 setup. ?
And/or if not, how about adding the User info in the (passwd, shadow,
gshadow) files.
 For example, I tried several times within "worker_scripts, chrooting,...
"? and concatenating the respective new User info to passwd, shadow,
 but, unfortunately, none of these worked. ?
 All I got was "Seg faults" when trying to use chroot -> useradd...?

Other than that, AIF is very good. -thankyou.



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