[arch-releng] mkarchiso arch wiki guide

Mr Green mrgreen at linuxmail.org
Thu May 24 14:08:23 EDT 2012

After having problems with getting my build script running I thought I 
would test out Arch Linux Archiso guide.

Think this is wrong

# cp /lib/initcpio/hooks/archiso work/root-image/lib/initcpio/hooks
# cp /lib/initcpio/install/archiso work/root-image/lib/initcpio/install

Should be /usr/lib

Set up directory and then run

mkarchiso -r "mkinitcpio -c /etc/mkinitcpio-archiso.conf -k 
/boot/vmlinuz-linux -g /boot/i686/archiso.img" run

Got this error

==> ERROR: Unable to write to path: `/boot/i686/archiso.img'

Not sure what is wrong, am fully up to date... not sure if archiso has 
had any changes in the last few days?


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