[arch-releng] squashfs

Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi vmlinuz386 at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Oct 2 14:51:24 EDT 2012

On 10/02/2012 12:56 PM, Mr Green wrote:
> This is more likely not the correct place to ask, but I am interested 
> in finding out more about mksquashfs. Currently I notice that 
> root-image.fs.sfs once mounted gives root-image.fs which then also has 
> to mounted [looped]. Is there a way to only mount and copy once? The 
> root-image. Have noticed that some other live isos only need to copy 
> out image to new install.
> MrG
what you want to do?

This is done in this way because we need a writable block device plus 
compression, this is done:

[rw-fs] (ext4 /) -> [dm-snapshot] -> {ro-fs-loop} (origin)  + 
{rw-cow-loop} (COW)

{ro-fs-loop} -> [fs-image] -> [ro-sfs-loop] -> [sfs-image] -> [ro-fs] 
(iso9660 / extfs / vfat)
{rw-cow-loop} -> [cow-image] -> [rw-fs] (tmpfs/non-persistent | 

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