[arch-releng] [PATCH] [archiso] Document NTFS support (since syslinux 4.06)

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Oct 26 04:38:19 EDT 2012

Am 25.10.2012 04:39, schrieb Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi:
> -2) Create a FAT32 or EXTFS filesystem on such partition and setup a label.
> +2) Create a FAT32, EXTFS or NTFS filesystem on such partition and setup a label.
> +Note: COW is not supported on NTFS.
>  # mkfs.vfat -F 32 -n <FS-LABEL> <DEV-TARGET-N>
>  # mkfs.ext4 -L <FS-LABEL> <DEV-TARGET-N>
> +# mkfs.ntfs -L <FS-LABEL> <DEV-TARGET-N>

If you don't use sparse files (does NTFS even support them?), then the
limited write capability of the kernel NTFS driver may be sufficient. It
can write to existing files without changing their sizes as often as you
want to. However, operations like file size changes, file creations and
file deletions may result in "Operation not supported" seemingly
randomly. (At least that was the state of the driver when ntfs-3g came
out, I suppose they didn't remove any features since then.)

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