[arch-releng] arch-releng Digest, Vol 43, Issue 16

Mr Green mrgreen at linuxmail.org
Sun Oct 28 12:33:01 EDT 2012

On 28/10/12 16:18, arch-releng-request at archlinux.org wrote:
> Use devtools ( the package ) for building for both i686 and x86_64. No
> need to write your own scripts. I'd think repo-add should work for i686
> and x86_64, but not sure.
Ended up using a dropbox repo for i686 & x86_64 packages, yes repo-add 
works fine. Building i686 under x86_64 not so easy 'linux32' was not 
working for me. So am building packages on a virtual 32 bit machine [not 
ideal!]. As I only have a couple of packages I need to build it is not 
real problem at the moment.

Managed to edit build script to only build both [all] 32 & 64 nice! 
saves me a lot of time.

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