[arch-releng] February release

Tom Gundersen teg at jklm.no
Wed Jan 30 18:42:36 EST 2013

On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 8:51 PM, Dave Reisner <d at falconindy.com> wrote:
>> > dbus-glib
>> > glib-networking
>> > gsettings-desktop-schemas
>> > libsoup
>> > nspr
>> > nss
>> > polkit
>> > sqlite
>> > networkmanager
>> >
>> > Not really a fan of network manager, but I don't really deal with the
>> > headaches that come with wifi so often. Is nmcli more than just a config
>> > file parser these days?
>> NetworkManager would work quite well for us. The deps look a little
>> insane though. I don't know why it would need libsoup and Gnome stuff.

Hm, that's something to look into. Would be nice if it could at least
work without polkit if it is not installed (like systemd does).

> If adding NM is the deemed The Right Thing To Do™ then fine, but I'd
> like to make sure that it's actually valuable. Last I looked, using
> nmcli meant handwriting config files which had no documented syntax.

Nope, they sorted this out now. You can use it to do stuff like list
available network, and set up connections (just as in the gui

>> I would say we keep things as-is for at least the February ISO image.
> Very much agreed.

Absolutely. Just planting seeds ;-)


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