[arch-releng] patch seems to stop automatic configuration of virtio interfaces

Peter Mattern matternp at arcor.de
Fri Jan 10 14:20:55 EST 2014


Don't know whether it's relevant, but the patch seems to stop dhcpcd 
from being launched automatically on paravirtualized virtio interfaces, 
at least on VirtualBox.

Corresponding findings: installer media were booted as VirtualBox guest 
with any of the combinations version 12/2013 or 01/2014, i686 or x86_64, 
guest's network interface as virtualized hardware ("Intel PRO/1000 T 
Server") or paravirtualized ("virtio-net") and network mode either NAT 
or bridged.
ISO 12/2013 always launched dhcpcd automatically on the virtual NIC.
ISO 01/2014 launched dhcpcd automatically always if the interface was 
set to virtual hardware but never when it was set to virtio-net. 
Manually launching dhcpcd[@eth0].service on the virtio interface worked 
as expected and configured the interface as eth0.

BTW so far dhcpcd was also started automatically whenever I booted the 
January ISO on hardware directly.


Peter Mattern

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