[arch-releng] [RFC] Switch from dm-snapshot to overlay

Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi vmlinuz386 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 23:32:19 UTC 2015

On 07/18/2015 06:18 PM, Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi wrote:
> Hello
> Guys, what do you think about switching to overlay filesystem by
> default? This is already implemented around Jan 2015 of this year.
> Why?:
> * It seems the most "natural" way.
> * Low RAM usage if user wants do to some changes inside live-enviroment.
> * No crazy crashes if zero-free-space is reached (some bbs/wiki talks
> posts ask about this)
> There is at least two issues at boot time:
> (1) /var/log/journal: Cannot set file attribute for '/var/log/journal',
> value=0x00800000, mask=0x00800000: Inappropriate ioctl for device
> (2) /etc/machine-id: Failed to unmount transient /etc/machine-id file in
> our private namespace: Invalid argument
> (1) Does not care.
> (2) Unsure about it. The file has an "id" after bootup, maybe the most
> safe thing to do, is to generate machine-id at build time (or at
> initramfs), instead of just placing an empty file and generate an "id"
> at runtime (on switched-root).
> # hostnamectl
>    Static hostname: archiso
>          Icon name: computer-vm
>            Chassis: vm
>         Machine ID: b0e5ffa9728f421dacf4564936dce6e1
>            Boot ID: 92e4f6a2202f49798cb0e4782e791daf
>     Virtualization: kvm
>   Operating System: Arch Linux
>             Kernel: Linux 4.1.2-2-ARCH
>       Architecture: x86-64

archiso-23 now uses by default overlayfs, there are no warnings anymore
with newer systemd-226 and linux-4.2.

Old mode can be used with "mkarchiso ... -s img prepare".

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