[arch-releng] [PATCH] [configs/releng] Add sha256sums for TianoCore efi downloads

Christian Hesse list at eworm.de
Mon Apr 20 06:57:53 UTC 2020

David Runge <dave at sleepmap.de> on Sun, 2020/04/19 23:22:
> Thanks for the suggested patch! I'm currently building the edk2
> Shell.efi and Shell_Full.efi [1] from source to make this fully
> reproducible by copying from a package (edk2-shell in [testing] [2]). I
> hope that will make this fix obsolete.
> However, I'm wondering about the differences between EFI Shell 1.0 and
> 2.0 in this particular combination.
> The build descriptor only distinguishes between minimal [3] and full [4]
> version.
> I'm unsure whether either of them is version 1.0 or 2.0 (or whether this
> matters for our use-case).
> The current downloads are stating ShellBinPkg (for 2.0) and
> EdkShellBinPkg (for 1.0). The former is contained in the official binary
> releases that upstream provides [5], but I don't know how the latter is/
> was created and whether it is still relevant for archiso. The only
> reference I could find is a long deprecated repository [6] that seems to
> contain the sources.
> Maybe Christian Hesse or Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi can comment on this
> topic, as they have updated the links in the past.
> If we can't find sources to build from, I honestly feel more inclined to
> drop the EFI Shell 1.0 altogether and only provide Shell.efi and
> Shell_Full.efi from the newly created package.

Hey David,

thanks for looking into this! I've wanted to do this myself, but never did so.

First of all... I do not have a deep knowledge about this. My changes to the
URL just made sure the files were available.

Booting the upstream binary files (as linked in archiso) results in the two
attached screenshots. Booting the files from your package it looks like both
are v2... No idea where the difference is. And even less idea how to boild a
shell v1...

Also I do not know where EFI before version 2.3 (that requires shell v1) is
still relevant...
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