[arch-women] for next channel meeting

krosos krosos at autistici.org
Sun Oct 25 11:46:23 UTC 2015


I am unsure if I can be around for the next meeting.
In addition to other issues and things which keep me busy, I have not
written that much or productive.

On public relations, so far I contacted one person who's giving Linux
courses / lessons. They subscribed to this list and also said it's a
nice project and they will point people to / tell them about it next time.

On what I collected so far, this is all I got, I hope some of it can be
In addition to the mentioned notes, I will setup an general and maybe an
tech related things channel for lgbtiq* community on psyced.org soon to
test if people start using it more.

cat files/projects/archwomen/archwomen_distributing_efforts.rst
 ArchWomen Project Re-Organization

restructure ArchWomen Organization in Projects/Teams to distribute efforts


Initial Goals:

  * Work out a way to distribute efforts in the ArchWomen Project.
  * less work, more fun.

Secondary Goals:

  * Suggest further tools for improved community work
  * Create more public visibility for ArchWomen


  * Gentoo Projects
  * LiquidDemocracy

Current Layout of ArchWomen:

  * Projects:
    - Classroom
    - Internship
    - Mentor connection
  * Blog
  * Wiki
  * Server Administration

Drafts for restructuring:

Working draft of re-structuring:

  * Project:Website Maintainer
  * Project:Public Relations
     - Project:Blog
     - newsletter
  * Project:Community Relations
  * Project:Localization
  * Project:Wiki
      - wiki cleanup
  * Project:Mentor Program
  * Project:Classroom
  * Project:Server Administration
  * Project:Internship

General for Project (draft):
  Info Page on Wiki:

  * Descriptive Text,
  * infobox:
     - short description
     - communication channels
     - listing of members
     - relations
     - subprojects
     - resources

Your Ideas and Opinions?

provide suggestions/ideas for Organization

General Ideas for Organization:

  - use of liquid democracy tools like Adhocracy_ and LiquidFeedback_
for votings etc?
    Adhocracy_: https://github.com/liqd/adhocracy/
    LiquidFeedback_: http://liquidfeedback.org/

  - PSYC channel instead of (or an addition to) freenode IRC.
    If you have questions on PSYC, feel free to ask me.
    In my opinion from usage, there's not a huge learning curve and it
has support for multicast, meaning you can use irc, xmpp, psyc clients
to communicate.

General Ideas about Website:



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