[arch-women] wiki cleanup

fsckd fsckdaemon at gmail.com
Thu May 19 16:27:13 UTC 2016


As decided in the May meeting[1] there is going be a wiki cleanup this 
Saturday, May 21st, and again one week later on Saturday, May 28th.

The idea is to find pages which need to be moved, merged, tagged, expanded, 
edited, or whatever and then do those things. We will also improve the 
navigation of the wiki by adding links to :start pages and making indexes. 
This is a great time to start work on hellerbarde's project[2].

I started documenting wiki conventions[3]. As of this writing it is 
nowhere near finished. Hopefully enough will be done by Saturday to serve 
as a rough guide of what is expected on the wiki. As always, please point 
out the unclear parts.

Hope to see you all there and thanks for your help!


[1] https://archwomen.org/media/meeting-notes/archlinux-women_minutes_20160514.txt
[2] https://archwomen.org/wiki/projects:wiki_improvements:start
[3] https://archwomen.org/wiki/wiki:conventions

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