[arch-women] Diversity & Inclusion in Open Source

Emma Irwin eirwin at mozilla.com
Sat Dec 30 18:35:11 UTC 2017

Hi Arch Women ,

Someone in the Fedora women's list suggested I reach out.

My name is Emma, and I work on Diversity and Inclusion at Mozilla.  Last
year we invested in a lot of research to better understand
what we mean by diversity and inclusion, with a number of recommendations
coming out of that.  Two of those recommendations were to build metrics
that matter,
and to invest in ways of collaborating with other individuals and open
projects  - to really generate change.

To those goals I want to ask *if you would be wiling to share our survey
*with your community, and whether anyone representing this group would be
available for an interview with our researcher - who is looking into how we
might form a collaborative for D&I in open source.

Thanks for your time, and of course happy to take questions or provide more
information on our work! 2018 for sure is all about taking our research,
and driving real change this year - would love to learn from you as well!

Emma Irwin
Community Development
Open Innovation Team
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