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sevenfourk sevenfourk at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 10:15:08 EDT 2008

2008/8/27 Callan Barrett <wizzomafizzo at gmail.com>

> No wonder this looked a bit weird. It looks like you've made the patch
> for the master branch? If you want to get this applied you need to
> write the translation for the testing branch. Since this is a
> translation I don't think I can edit it myself so it applies, I have
> no idea how the translation system has changed or how many strings
> have changed since the last update.
> Also for future reference don't add end php tags to the files, they're
> not in there for a reason.
> --
> Callan Barrett

I update the git and switched to to testing branch. Well i did all like on
wiki page. So this updated patch. I'm not sure, but i have less files than
other languges do. Maybe this wrong, not sure. But did all like on wiki.
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