[aur-dev] [Translation] Howto ?

Loui louipc.ist at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 15:32:17 EST 2008

On 2/24/08, Cilyan Olowen <gaknar at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thank you for the link. Here is the updated translation for the french
> language. Patch is attached.
> Two remarks :
> 1) Please don't commit without checking the patch file as it is my very
> first use of git and the translation system of AUR. I exactly followed the
> "Updating an existing translation" from
> http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/AUR_Translation but 2
> checks is better than one !
>  2) There is a problem in acctfuncs.inc at line 204 : some variables are
> included inside the sentence to be translated so the translation_tool is
> missing a part of the sentence. I won't trick the translation as I don't
> really know when it is included and which variables are in the scope at this
> time, but I suggest to replace the sentence by
>  [code]
> __("It must be %s - %s characters long.",
> [/code]
> which will be easy for translation_tool to parse and translate.

Yeah I'm working on fixing that formatting oddity and translation
stuff in general so I would wait until we're ready to close to
releasing a new version until translating.
Some of the strings may change and there might be some changes to

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