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tardo tardo at nagi-fanboi.net
Wed Jan 2 23:39:42 EST 2008

Simo Leone さんは書きました:
> Hey guys,
> I would have written this email earlier, but I'm currently overseas
> enjoying the effects of global warming (since when does it not snow in
> the arctic?). I had a few spare minutes and decided it might be a good
> time to sit down and finally write the damn thing.
> Right, so I just wanted to get a few things cleared up about where I
> want to take the AUR, short and long term.
> In the short term, I'd like to keep things realistic. What can and can't
> we do with the current level of interest in the AUR? Big sweeping
> changes are out of the question, the userbase is quite large and the AUR
> is something very prominent in Archland. I haven't read an Arch review
> that doesn't mention the AUR in quite a while, so we must've got
> something right. We should be somewhat cautious about large
> public-facing changes and introducing regressions. Short term fast-track
> changes should be things like bugfixes, and admin-side changes, and
> small no-brainer type stuff.
> Keeping with that, I'd like to tweak the interface a
> bit. It's always struck me as a tad clunky, and could use some
> refinement. Parts of it are buggy too.
> Another small welcome change would be fixing those nasty URLs. Changes
> here should be backward-compatible, since AUR links are likely pasted
> in all sorts of places.
> The AUR's long-term future is less certain. One thing I'd like to get
> cleared up is this stuff about AUR2. First off, I'd like to know how
> many separate people/groups are currently coding some AUR-successor.
> I admit that I probably made a mistake in even introducing the idea
> of recoding the AUR, and after some further thought it's probably in
> our best interests to improve upon what we have, and be satisfied
> with it before any kind of recode is seriously considered. If you're
> currently working on a 'new' AUR, now's a good time to speak up, so your
> hard work doesn't go to waste.
> That said, I've always felt that the AUR's codebase is on a pretty
> shaky foundation, and needs some serious rearranging. One of my biggest
> long-term goals is to functionalize the code, and separate the HTML from
> underlying logic, particularly SQL queries! As it stands, most of it
> looks like HTML/SQL/PHP soup, a lot of it quite repetative. This is
> really bad programming practice for a whole shizload of reasons,
> security among them.
> Another long-term issue is cleaning up the data. A lot of the users
> are dead, and packages uncared for. The idea of package
> maintenence/ownership might be interesting to reexamine and rethink at
> some point, the results might really benefit the community.
> There is a whole whole lot more that belongs on both lists, but taking
> it slow, steady, and simple, is best. The AUR is still growing and
> maturing as a project, let's not try to make it grow up overnight.
> Lastly, I welcome you to send patches and take advantage of aur-dev.
> Developing is always more rewarding when you have others to put their
> momentum in the same direction.
> --
> Simo Leone
> Arch Linux Developer

Take a look here:

Some of what you ask has already been done by myself and Loui. Feel free
to grab parts of code you think is useful. I can't suggest merging the
branch because this was based off a previous version of the AUR. I'd love
to help rebase/rework the code, but I lose internet in two days and won't
be online for about a month (until I find an apartment).

- tardo

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