[aur-dev] Testing branch updates

Simo Leone simo at archlinux.org
Sun Jan 20 04:38:06 EST 2008

Hey everyone,

Just a quick note that the testing branch on projects.archlinux.org was
forced to a non-superset tonight. The messy merge history has been
cleaned up (thanks Dan!), and Eliott's testing branch was merged and
cleaned up a bit.

At this point, I'd also like to mention a few other business items:
- I'm running a test site at aur.neotuli.net, I will keep this site
  running the testing branch from projects.archlinux.org, updated as
  often as I can.
- I've changed the structure of the git repo on projects.archlinux.org a
  a little bit as well. I removed the 'stable' branch. From here on out,
  'master' will be the stable branch and will get tagged at releases.
  'testing' will remain a place to test code headed for master.
- I want to set up a workflow like pacman's, where any patches headed
  for the AUR pass through the mailing list. This is the easiest way for
  me to manage incoming patches, and will avoid funky situations like
  the double merges and such that we saw in the past.
- We're headed for another AUR release very shortly. Probably within a
  week I'll be pushing out what we've got in the testing branch, so if
  you had any last minute code you wanted to see go up, now's the time :)

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