[aur-dev] [PATCH] xhtml validation fixes for login_form.php

Michael Klier chi at chimeric.de
Thu Jun 5 18:37:16 EDT 2008

Loui wrote:
> There are a couple worthwhile things in here but most of this just
> looks like messing with the indentation and such. Overall tabs
> are actually used for indentation, though it's not written anywhere.

I was actually wondering about that because I haven't found a real refernce
and I've seen files with a mix of tabs and whitespace. And you're right, most
of it is just messing with the indentation. But I'll use tabs from now on :).

> You should try to write shorter patches that don't mess with
> everything in the file. It's less for the maintainers to read through
> and less for you to write. Then we can get more patches through in less
> time and you can write more. :D Win win!

I see your point. In case of the search_pkg_form.php patch, well, this was a
complete rewrite/restructuring (preserving it's functionality of course). With
the end result in mind it's kinda difficult to do such a rewrite in smaller
chunks (and I dreamed about the promised cookie already :D).

Anyway, thanks for your reply, I appreaciate your advice and will do my best
to conform to these guidelines in the future :).


Michael Klier
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