[aur-dev] [PATCH] xhtml validation fixes for login_form.php

Michael Klier chi at chimeric.de
Fri Jun 6 04:36:38 EDT 2008

Angel Velásquez wrote:
>    Hi Michael, first of all thanks for contributing to the AUR
>    Development.

Hi Angel,

>    Imho, you must try to use quotes correctly, i mean simples and
>    doubles, you can find a good tutorial here:
>    [1]http://ve2.php.net/types.string
>    Or you can google 'simple vs doble quotes + php', that will apply to
>    you in many programming languages.
>    By example that line:
>    print "<span class='error'>" . $login_error . "</span><br />\n"; -->
>    bad written

thanks for your advice but if you take a closer look at the patch you'll
notice that I haven't touched that part of the code other than indenting it.

And if you take a look at the bigger patch against the search_pkg_form.php I
send earlier you'll see that I quote like you recommend here :) (except that I
leave spaces for concatenating as IMHO it makes it easier on the eyes eg.  
"' . $variable . '" but that's a matter of taste I guess).

>    // why "? use ' for that case when you are not intending to parse some
>    value is better
>    $foo["var"] = "test";
>    include "foo/bar.php"
>    print $_SESSION["foo"];
>    $bar = array("foo","bar");

Agreed again + same thing here, take a look at the search_pkg_form.php
earlier, I've fixed all that in it ;) as I prefer single quotes in PHP over
double quotes as well (on the other hand for HTML if prefer doubles quotes
over single quotes ie: class="foo").

>    Just a recommendation trying to have clean code, i know that AUR isn't
>    complete clean, but the patches should be, then for next releases will
>    be easier to clean and write code correctly.
>    Just a recommendation, again, thanks for your patches :-)

Thanks you for your feedback :).


Michael Klier
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