[aur-dev] the json query interface

eliott eliott at cactuswax.net
Sun May 25 01:15:02 EDT 2008

I am almost thinking the json interface needs to be disconnected from
the aur itself, and offered up as a separate service.

1. It has a different focus than the rest of the aur.
2. Updates to the interface could be done without needing to update
the rest of the aur.
3. We could drop alot of the aur overhead in the rcp interface
4. We could rewrite the interface in python, and just attach it to a
url on the aur site (or its own port or something).
5. It would give us a chance to maybe do some new and exciting things.


Since I am offering up the idea, and since I wrote the original json
interface, I would have no problem doing the work, so this isn't a "I
think this is a good idea for someone else to do" type thing. I am
looking for feedback as to whether I should spend the time on it or

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